Monday, March 10, 2008

Magnify and Serve in My Calling

We have lived in our ward for 3 1/2 years now. I was first put in the CTR class, then the sunbeams, then into nursery with my husband. We were told that it was only a 6 month calling since our ward has many little kids, two nurseries and 10 kids each. In the middle of the calling, I got really sick. It lasted for 5 months and I was tucked away in the nursery and no one knew. One of the hard parts about it was very little energy and tons of fatigue. It was hard to be wrestling kids at that time. We served in that calling for 14 months!

I was then thankful to be in the Relief Society, which I had never been in for longer than 3 months since leaving Young Womens- since I had been called back into Young Womens in a different ward when we were first married. Recently we have been the Family History teachers in the ward.

Well, our Bishopric got released and there is a new Bishop who doesn't know a soul in the ward since he doesn't live here- it's a student ward- and he released us and put me- BACK in nursery. My husband, knowing I would never have mentioned this, said that we did the calling instead of 6 months, for 14 months months about a year ago. The Counselor who called me said he was sorry to do this, but would I be willing to accept. I said yes of course and he said he would inform the Bishop about it and that it may be temporary- a large number of families are moving soon and they have no one to fill the calling.

I agreed and felt I needed to say yes, but my heart wasn't willing. I was sad when we left his office and I wanted to cry. This will be my 3rd time being a nursery teacher since leaving Young Womens. I was feeling really sorry for myself and moping around. Robert kept telling me to be cheerful and serve.

In Sacrament meeting I started to feel bad about my attitude and prayed for comfort, for forgiveness for murmuring, to serve willingly and to soften my heart. One talk was on having personal spirituality with God and this Brother spoke about magnifying our callings and being willing to serve. My heart definitely softened and I felt a love and desire to serve. This ward needs me here, in this calling, right now and the Lord needs willing servants in His kingdom. I have always said that I would do whatever the Lord asks of me, so I said yes, even though, in my heard, I didn't really. The Lord truly humbles me with messages like this talk.

Then the Bishop stood up and wanted to say a few word. He spoke of his testimony of personal revelation and of how touched he is by the willingness of the members in the ward to serve. And he said this looking directly at me. I thank the Lord that He sent me answers to prayers that I didn't expect and am very grateful for. I will serve as long as I am needed and try to do it willingly and with love. That could mean for the remainder of the time we live in this ward, but I know that this is where I need to be.


The Gunnell Bunch said...

Oh my goodness, I would've been bawling. I really feel exactly like you do but that's awesome that you accepted anyway. Maybe it's a blessing and it will be easier for Lindsey to transition into nursery with you there. :)

Mama Teaching 2 said... is so hard sometimes to let go and let God be God. I am very proud of you and wish to uplift you my friend! You are very wise and I know you will be blessed by it. :)