Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dentist Update

Oh, so frustrating! When I get there they tell me she should be fine even with a GIANT chip in her front tooth, but if I want they can put a filling on it so it will look closer to the other tooth. They talk to my insurance and then come in and tell me that Lindsey is not covered. So if I decide to do it the filling would be $145 instead of $75. That's lovely! Well, I call Robert and he is furious since he put her on in January. We decide to do it anyway. It's a long time for a kid to look funny with a broken tooth. I lay her on my lap and ask if they can sand down the hard edges first to see what it would look like. Lindsey FREAKED out! This is not a pediatric dentist and they don't have the right stuff for a 16 month old.

Also, apparently they are dropping my dental insurance in August. Nice. Thanks for informing me. They don't like my kind of insurance and "encourage" me to go with the other insurance option. Umm... no, the reason we HAVE this option is it covers 90% of filling costs and is MUCH cheaper per month. So we will be switching dentists. Anyway, after Lindsey's freak out I decide she is not going to allow us to go any further. The problem with her being so young is unless she is sedated some what she won't be able to keep the filling dry enough for it to work. I decided, better to wait until I get my insurance worked out, a referral to a pediatric dentist and either wait until she is a little older or until we have some medication to make her a little bit more likely to handle it. It does look better with the sharp edges sanded down, but it is REALLY noticeable and makes me so sad to see it. Her little round baby teeth have always been SO adorable and it hurts to see it half gone.Oh, and apparently Robert talked to our insurance at work- she IS covered! They said "Oh, sorry, our mistake." Thanks, that would have been nice to know AT the dentist's office!


jugglingpaynes said...

Poor thing. I'm glad the insurance worked out. Please don't be hard on yourself, we can only be so vigilant. At least it is a baby tooth and it didn't affect a permanent tooth.

I hope you find a nicer practice. It doesn't sound like that one is used to children.

Peace and Laughter,

Mama Teaching 2 said...

Oh man! Poor baby and mama. :(

Kim said...

oh how frustrating! I sure have struggles every time I have to deal with insurance it seems. I hope you got everything worked out.

crush said...

Oh man. That is horrible! Poor thing! But, I do have a good ped. dentist recommendation. His name is Thomas C. Sorensen. His practice is just north and a little east of Fashion Place mall. My boys both needed a dentist early on and he is the best. We've been going to him since Connor was 1 yr. old. We still go to him now, even though we live 40 mins away. He should be in the phone book. Call me if you can't find him. He is definitely worth the trip. My kids LOVE him and his staff. Seriously, it's worth it.