Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Sickies

We have been having the sickies here. Lindsey woke up with a high fever Thursday morning and was fighting it all day. A couple days earlier Robert wasn't feeling well and while I was taking care of the baby I started to feel awful! A completely unrelated sickness from the baby's. No fever, just a lot of stomach flu and achy dizziness. I felt terrible all day and even worse at night.

I try to discourage a lot of television watching in the day, but when it comes to sick days I am really glad to have it. Poor Emily just had to deal with a sick sister who couldn't play and a mommy who couldn't get off the couch. She played with toys by herself very well for two hours and then watched movies the rest of the time. Robert has been working and studying in between his bouts of not feeling well. Hopefully it doesn't last too much longer.


jugglingpaynes said...

I hope you all feel better soon. It's important to do what is necessary to get well soon. Rest well! Watch something funny!

Peace and Laughter!

Rachel said...

TV really is a blessing when all you can do is lay there and feel like crap. Sorry they got sick!