Monday, December 1, 2008


I AM: artistic and creative
I WANT: to teach my kids to be appreciative and to learn to be happy and independent.
I HAVE: so many blessings in my life, faith, family and freedom.
I MISS: the good old days growing up with my sweet and wonderful siblings.
I FEAR: that I will fail in the things I want to accomplish with my art career and my family.
I HEAR: Leap Frog Talking Word factory.
I SEARCH: for fun educational games, curriculum, resources and LOTS and LOTS of books.
I WONDER: how life will be in 10 years, worse or better, I don't know which.
I REGRET: being angry about things with my parents and having a hard time getting over them.
I LOVE: painting and being creative, going to art galleries and my art teacher Pete is awesome!
I FORGIVE: not as easily as I thought I once did, guess I didn't have major things to forgive for until now.
I ACHE: to find emotion in my art, sometimes I am in a lull where nothing pulls me in.
I ALWAYS: say things backwards- just ask Robert and he will tell you its true.
I TRY: to not be so selfish, forget myself and help other people.
I AM NOT: always a logical person and think too much with my emotions.
I SEEM: to have things all together and organized, but it is rarely the case.
I KNOW: how to cook well.
I FEEL: stressed and ready to move out of my tiny place.
I DANCE: silly sometimes with the girls and miss swing dancing on the weekends like I used to.
I DREAM: all the time, nightmares and other weird unexplainable dreams.
I GIVE: my time since it is all I have to give.
I LISTEN: to music every day, for a good portion of the day.
I SING: to my favorite songs all the time, be they in English, Portuguese or Chinese, whether I can understand what I am saying or not.
I LAUGH: when my kids say or do really silly things.
I CAN'T: stand heights, they make me so nervous.
I WRITE: in a journal every so often and as a kid I wrote almost every day.
I CRY: more than I would like to sometimes.
I SLEEP: like a log and it takes a lot to wake me up. I don't even hear Robert's alarm clock in the morning.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: nice to my family or people, I have a tendency to get cranky and short tempered.
I SEE: colors in everything and feel that one important part of drawing is learning how to see.
I NEED: my husband and kids more than anything!
I SHOULD: go mail my bills, eat lunch, go pay rent, pay my library fine and go get toilet paper- as soon as the baby wakes up from her nap.

I tag Rachel, Kendra, Corrine and anyone else who wants to do it.

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The Robbins Family said...

I loved this blog. I like the line about "Giving your Time". So true. You are a very creative and deep person.