Monday, February 23, 2009

Gum Blowing

I really like blowing bubbles with my bubble gum. My sisters and I used to buy big rolls of Bubble tape and stick the whole thing in our mouths.
My girls have never seen my excellent talent of blowing so much that my jaw hurts and my TMJ acts up and my jaw won't stop popping. The other night I put 6 small gum balls in my mouth and chomped away. I started blowing bubbles and got the best reactions from the girls. Lindsey would tell me "blow agin Mommy, agin" and she would watch me and stick her tongue out to imitate it. It was so funny and cute. And then when the bubble would start going she would back up and get scared and then squeal when it popped. It was hilarious so I did it over and over and got a few priceless pictures. Emily wanted me to show her how to do it, but she just had her teeth brushed.

Bubble is getting ready...

Bubble getting bigger...


I just hope that if I teach Emily how to blow bubbles it won't end up like this:

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

LOL Bubble blowing is just magic to kids.