Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where Oh Where to Move?

I think it is time for our house hunting update. The condo we have waited MONTHS on finally accepted our offer. Which is great and all, but they accepted it right when we found the most awesome house EVER! And because it is a house there is no HOA to deal with and that makes the prices about the same. This house isn't in our most favorite area, but its not that bad either. If we could we would exchange the condos location for this house's location.

The neighborhood it is in is pretty cute. The house sits on nearly half an acre, 5 beds, 2 baths, 2 fireplaces, huge backyard, good storage, crown molding, 2 car garage, etc. the list goes on with how cool this place is. We really like it, but we have a pretty good chance of loosing it in a bidding war. So at this point we are happy to have a potential place to live, but we are dragging our feet on it hoping we will get this super cool house. I don't even know what I would DO with 5 bedrooms! The thoughts of not having to deal with HOA, people next to us, on top of us, parking, etc. would be so great. And to have a yard... Well, right now there is nothing I can do but wait and know that whatever happens will be what is supposed to happen.


Munford Family said...

Ya, I was able to get on your blog!! I have been trying and couldn't figure it out! I think It's funny we have the same background! Your family looks so sweet!! I read the things about Rob and think he would get along well with my husband. We should do something sometime!!

Proctor Funk said...

Dang girl!! Sounds like you have a tough decision! I think if it were me, I'd go for the 5 beds....just to give it a shot, I mean you and Robert will probably have more kids so why not get a house that will fit you for that! AND you could have one room just for your ART!!! (that would ROCK!!!) Good luck!!!

Rachel said...

Good luck!!! I really hope you get the dream home!!! You're running out of time...hurry!!