Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ballerina Emily

Emily has started ballet this year. It is one day a week and she loves it. She has three friends that are in her class. This is part of her homeschool to take a class at a time and see what she likes and she can learn something new. Her ballet has a performance coming up in June and she is so excited for it. She shows me all the new things she has learned. She learned the hop, to pounce like a kitty and to be a flamingo. She is really cute when she does it. In the summer I think we will try gymnastics. It will be nice to give her a taste of many things until she knows where her interests lie. It is wonderful to search together to see just what her passions in life will be. I am such a happy and excited mommy!


The Gunnell Bunch said...

What a cute ballerina outfit! Where did you get that? I love her little shoes and bun in her hair too. SO sweet. :)

Andrea said...

She's very cute!