Monday, October 8, 2007

Lindsey Brooke

This is Lindsey Brooke. She likes to climb up to her mommy's shoulder and bite it. She slobbers all over herself and those holding her. She sucks on her two middle fingers on her right hand. She hates mooshed peas and anything that doesn't taste just a little sweet (Hummm...). She jabbers away and kicks her feet. She loves her big sister and hates to be on her belly. She is a mommy's baby and would be quite content to have only her mommy hold her. She is dainty and petite and very squishable. She has an infectious laugh and the softest cheeks you could ever kiss. She is the love and joy of her family. Everyone was so happy when they found out she was coming that we still can't contain how happy we are to have her around. She is a blessing, sugar from heaven and we couldn't be happier than to have her with us. We love you Lindsey!

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