Saturday, October 6, 2007

Swing fun!

Emily and Lindsey both love the swings. Emily loved them so much that when I was pregnant and it was a hot summer she would beg me to push her over and over again. I just couldn't do it in the hot sun. So she taught herself how to get into both the little swing and the big swing and pump her legs. Sometimes when we play outside, all the other kids will run and play together, but Emily wants to swing, over and over again. Her friends start off swinging with her, but they can't do it by themselves and they eventually get bored and leave her there.

Lindsey just started enjoying the swings. I put her in and grab her baby toes. She laughs and giggles. It is so much fun to see her get excited about it. Emily loves seeing her sister enjoy something she likes also. She is always asking me to put Lindsey in the swing.

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