Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Recap

January- My sister Nicole came home from Russia and stayed with us for a couple weeks. She and I have birthdays 5 days apart so she and I celebrated together.

February- Lindsey was a very sick baby for three weeks. She got RSV and two other viruses on top of it. We had an ER visit with her and she pulled through it all and finally started to smile again.

March- Emily turned 4 and sadly I lost the pictures from her birthday. She has been showing just how smart she is. She began reading when she was 3 and it has continued on to chapter books. She is the sweetest child and we love her very much!

April- My mom got remarried and I have 4 new step siblings. It was fun to travel with my siblings and be in the hotel with them.

May- Emily sent a picture to Herman the Worm. She was so excited to mail it herself and then see it on the website.

June- There was another annual homeschooling convention. Robert was finally able to go with me the year before, but this time I was happy going alone. I learned some wonderful techniques and some great educational tools from their curriculum fair.

July- This was also the annual family reunion at the old farm house. There are three days of food and activities, hiking and fireworks. The breakfast in the morning is always one of the highlights. Fresh eggs, really good ham, juice, pancakes, fruit, etc. It is all really good!

August- My sister and I took the girls down town to play. We went around the beautiful temple grounds and finished up at the museum where they have a section for the kids to role play in. Emily loved playing doctor. It was also the month that we started to really begin our house hunting that is still in process.

September- My sister-in-law Lori and I make it a point to go every year to the semi-annual children's clothes sale. I get such amazing deals there. I come out spending about $100-150 but they are completely outfitted for each season. There may be a few items I don't find, but not much. The clothes are in excellent condition and it is really fun. About 100 or more women come and line up and this year we volunteered as well which gave us first picks with the other volunteers. It makes me excited for the spring sale of 2009.

October- For Halloween both girls were princesses- the 3rd time for Emily. We had a lot of fun with family and friends. There was even a surprising episode with a cracked punch bowl from the dry ice. Both girls spent every second of the spring, summer and fall that they could outside.

November- Thanksgiving was another success. Delicious and spent with family. It was a hard month though as we learned the extent of Robert's sisters returning cancer and the day after Thanksgiving brought the news of our sister-in-law Jill's brain tumor. It was a time to come together in love and serve one another and help carry the burdens of the family.

December- Was another difficult month, waiting for news from our offers, helping Lori who had her second cancer surgery and having tests done for Jill. And Robert's granddad went into the hospital before Christmas. This was also the month when Robert completed the hard 4 years of work and graduated from school. We are very happy for that and we really did have a great Christmas because we appreciated what we had and were extremely grateful to the Lord for His blessings.

The year has had a mix of ups and downs, but we have also felt so much love and we have been taken care of. We are ready to bring on the new year and pray that it will bring good things for the ones we love.

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Jill, Wes, and Andy said...

Wow, it is crazy how big the girls have gotten over the year. What a fun post to remember the year!