Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I have always written a New Year's Resolution. This year is no different. There are personal parts of my resolution and ones that are between me and God and then there are those that I always refocus on each year. I feel that a goal isn't a goal and is much less attainable if it is not written down.

1) Regain my health: It seems that my body will probably go through my life with ups and downs and times of feeling good and times of feeling- well, not so good. I think it is just what happens and the only thing I can control is the foods I eat, the sleep I get and the exercise I do. The Lord is in control of my life and health and if I get sick, it will help me be grateful for the times that I am well. I have eaten a lot of bad and "none" foods over the holidays and I am feeling it. It isn't as bad as I have been in the past, but it feels similar to my year of sickness, so I will fight it at the beginning. Health is so important and if you don't feel good, very few things can matter. I won't let myself get to the depressive state I was in a few years ago though. That is a dark place I will not go back to!

3) Serve more: I have been so blessed and have had so many people give and give to me. I never knew how important service was until I understood what it means to really receive it. I am making a stronger commitment to serve those around me, armed with the examples of those who served me as my motivation.

4) Paint a LOT: I really do love to paint, but as a mom I always feel that something else needs to be done first. Or it seems to be too much hassle to get out my things and feel the creative process. But when I neglect it, my mind becomes starved with the desire to create.

5) Go to bed earlier: I say this now as it is midnight, but in my defense I had a long nap today. But I WILL be headed off to bed once this is done. I am a night owl and I stay up later than I should. It has its negative effects and I feel them. My poor children know that mommy is sluggish in the morning too.

6) Read more: I love to read, I also love my computer and art time. I have conflicting interests you see. My nights are spent up in either art, computer, reading or- cleaning, I know, boring. I have goals of books I need to read and reading can often change my thinking. It is one of my most favorite times to have a hot bath on a cold winter's night with a good book.

7) Organize!: This is a constant for me. I organize all the time, but right now it is worse than it has ever been and is driving me crazy. Part of the reason it is as bad as it is right now is because of the small space we need to move from. Which brings me to my next one...

8) Buy a house: Maybe this doesn't seem like a resolution, but it really is. The more I work on this goal the more likely it will be to have it happen.

9) Play with my kids more: We learn and do things together, but sometimes it is hard for me as a mom to get down on the floor and play Barbies with Emily. She loves it though. As does Lindsey when she "cooks" for me as I sit there and play with her. Kids need this time as much as I need to just relax and play sometimes.

10) Go on a family vacation: I do consider this a goal. We haven't been on one as an entire family, ever. Robert and I went to Disneyland for our 1 year anniversary, but we both got sick and had to come home. I went with Emily to San Francisco with Robert's family and he stayed because of school. He is now graduated! WHOOHOO! And I would like all of us to go away somewhere and enjoy just being together as a family. We would like to do Disneyland, but if not that, we will find somewhere fun to be. It is definitely a worthy resolution in my book.


Lori said...

I love your resolutions. You've got some inspiring words here for me. By-the-way, i love your blog layout and the music is so nice. You have a great taste for design. You're amazing, Jessa!

Rachel said...

Yea for Rob graduating!! Did he walk!? I'm excited to hear all your travel vacation plans!