Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Our baby Lindsey isn't a baby so much anymore. She turned 2 yesterday on the 23 of January. I decided that with Christmas that she didn't need that many toys so instead I took Emily and Lindsey to our Children's Museum. They had a blast! They didn't even want to stop for lunch until it was apparent they were starving. We came back after we ate and played for another 2 hours. I was worn dead by the end and they were exhausted. I took lots of pictures and it was tons of fun being with my cute girls.

Here Lindsey is in the "bird house" sitting on the Lindsey sized chair.

Emily wearing the cape so she wouldn't get wet when she played in the water.

Lindsey horded all of the little ping pong balls and got very frustrated when the other kids had her "mine" balls in their hands.

Lindsey playing the little cashier and not ringing up customers. She just liked to push the buttons like a computer and got angry if Emily or another kid would not "share Lindsey".

Emily went back and forth "shopping" or working in the store. And at this point Lindsey took off and I told Emily I was going over to get her and would be in the place with the blocks. Apparently she didn't hear me because not long after I see a crying Emily run to me with a worker. She cuddled in my lap and sobbed saying she was lost and didn't know where I was. Poor thing!
Emily and Lindsey had a lot of fun with the police cars. They even "parked" them behind the farming truck. Pretty good imagination. I would have never thought of the farm truck as being a parking space, but they did.

Hi cowgirl Emily!
The little house was great. It had a child sized kitchen complete with small table and chairs, dishes, food and a small living room with child sized couch. Very fun. Lindsey could have spent all day "cooking" in there and she sat me down with a plate and a waffle and told me "eat it".
Emily and Lindsey in the "living room" playing with blocks.
They really liked this fan that would blow their papers out the top of the glass and clear to the ceiling and then send them floating back down.

The life flight donated an actual helicopter to the museum that sits outside for the kids to play in. It was pretty cool because you can push a button and it sounds like what it would really be like to ride in one with the motor on. Lindsey was terrified and clung to me the whole time it was on.

The end of a long day of playing.

Happy Birthday Lindsey!Waiting for cake with the those fingers that are always in her mouth. How do you break that habit?

Lindsey got a few toys. Little pet shop kitties, color wonder coloring set, bows and binoculars- so she could be like her sister. And her Grammy sent her a package in the mail. Lindsey was very happy with the "so cute" baby.
Here she is saying "Be still baby, let's change a diaper." Then as I helped her put her lids on her markers she said "No, MINE. Bad baby!" OKAY.... I have NO idea where she got this. I have never said that before to her, but for some reason when she is mad at someone or even herself, that is what she comes up with. Looks like the terrible twos start I guess.


Maren said...

Wow! kids grow up so fast. Great idea taking them to a museum instead of toys!

Rachel said...

OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That is so fun!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, with all the hullabulloo of the ER at Primary's my brain totally forgot to call her!!! I'm so sorry!! She looks so cute and happy with all her toys too and their bows are so cute!!!

Kendra said...

It looks like a great way to celebrate! Kids do grow so fast. Your girls are at fun ages even if they can exhaust you.

Proctor Funk said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey!!! She sure is a pretty little thing!! Hard to believe she is 2 already!! It seems like I just met her when we were at Sean and Tori's wedding!

Lori said...

What a great birthday you gave Lindsey! Very cute cake and looks like lots of fun at the Children's Museum. It looks like the museum have new stuff! I always loved the store part.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

That looks like a totally cool place to spend her birthday! Happy birthday!

Sherri said...

The girls are so cute all worn out in the car afterwards.
We have a children's musuem, but they have let it go so much that it isn't fun anymore. I wish they would keep it up!!!
Happy birthday to your baby girl!