Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What it is To Be Emily

Emily is a joy to have in our family and she has very funny and cute things about her too. Like silly sayings she has that I could never remember all of them. But she told me the other day about her binoculars. "Mommy, these are even better than my real EYES!" Or the time she was playing in a giant box that we colored and made into a house and said "Mommy, I like this box even better than our own house." I am so glad she is so easy to please. And that really is the truth.

She is the child that thinks binoculars are the best present she could ask for. Or she gets really excited when I come home with "new" books. She loves going to the library or the toy store. Not to get a toy even, just to look and "push the buttons".

She loves the outdoors. If we lived in a warm climate I don't think I could ever get her to stay inside. She would do her school outside, eat outside. She loves being out and we spend ever second we can out of the house in the summer.

Right now Emily loves Barbies and wants new clothes for them. Sadly though, they don't make them anymore and what they do make are a fortune online. If I can get on the ball I will make them myself. If I can. Emily is very good to her little sister. She wanted a friend for so long and there was very little jealousy when we brought Lindsey home. She was so happy not to be alone anymore. And as Lindsey has grown, they have become closer and they play very well. They have their fighting moments, but most of the time they are two peas in a pod. We love Emily and think she is just wonderful!


SBAM said...

Have you looked on eBay for barbie clothes? That's all B wanted for Christmas in '07 and I felt the same way, they were ridiculously expensive and UGLY or horribly immodest also. I found an eBay lot with about 30 dresses with shoes (could have gone without the shoes...)for about $30. It came from China, so it took awhile to ship, but the shipping was pretty cheap. Some of the dresses are a little funny looking, but most are just pretty ballroom types and B still plays with them like crazy.

Kendra said...

Emily is just a doll. If she was doing the home shopping it would go a lot quicker ;) I know, not funny. But how is the home buying going? Are you thinking about renting? I think that interest rates are still pretty low right now. At least lower than they were a year ago.

Jill, Wes, and Andy said...

Emily is such a sweet little girl. I love how she always poses and smiles for a pic. I feel so blessed to have been at her birth. She is such a precious little spirit. We all love her!

Rachel said...

Emily is so sweet hearted! That's cute that she loves playing Barbies and if she's like her mama, she'll be playing till she's 16 too!! :) Those were the good ol' days! Have you made her any Barbie clothes yet?