Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Day in the Life of Lindsey

Lindsey is such a silly little thing and we all love her dearly. But she has some pretty interesting quirks. She loves to repeat things. If only I could really demonstrate just how funny this is as we drive in the car, but she will repeat these things over and over and over and we don't get sick of them because with that little bitty voice of hers it sounds adorable. She says

-I see it now
-yellow, pink
-Do you see it?

One of these things is repeated until she feels she got it right. And if you try to steer her away from whatever it is she is practicing she will not have it. She goes right back into it.

She is also showing a potty training interest. I am debating on whether or not I should go with it or I should wait until we move when her world turns upside down and she reverts back. But she can pull off her pants, ASKS to go potty and tries to put Emily's panties on. Hummm... is she trying to tell me something here?

This little girl loves to be a little mommy to her babies. Feeds them, rocks them, puts them to sleep. She loves it and all of her dolls have the same name: baby.

She has a good set of lungs and she uses them! She screams so loud I think my ear drums have had it and so have the neighbors. She is a feisty and stubborn thing and is not like her sister in what works as far as discipline goes. With Emily reverse psychology worked like a charm! Not with Lindsey, she puts it right back in your face. You tell her to come or we are leaving and instead of running after you like Emily did, she stays there and waits until YOU cave. Oooo...

Lindsey is very tender hearted. If you cough she asks if you are okay. She hugs and cuddles and is a daddy's girl, while Emily has turned into a mommy's girl. Lindsey is very snuggly and cares about others and is best friends with Emily. She is so sweet and we adore having her here in our home.


Kendra said...

She sounds like a sweetheart. How blessed you are to have these wonderful girls....

Rachel said...

She definitely was born with a mind of her own, wasn't she? Her hair is getting so thick! She is hilarious!