Thursday, January 15, 2009

Part Time Job

I think I have definitely become this woman. I have so many different things in my life and I am adding another one. I am really excited about it though. I think it is perfect for me and the company is awesome, as are the people I am working with who are my friends. The great part is a majority of the work will be what I do at home. Which helps me to still be with my kids.

Now I just have to juggle one of the many things I do. Some of those things include:

I am a taxi driver. From the store, to singing class, to cousin's houses to play, to play dates, field trips, etc. I drive my children to and from and back again. There have been days where I swear I didn't leave the car. How that is possible usually means someone missed their nap and I missed lunch. Oh, there is always tomorrow for lunch and a nap right??

I am a cook. I am not the BEST cook, but I am decent. I cook a lot, on my diet, I have to. But I also believe in good nutrition. I like to pretend I am the hot mom who cooks and I like to think I dispense happiness in my own way. That and I often don't have many choices with my foods.

I am a nurse. I kiss the hurts, I dispense medicine in many different forms. I rock sick kids, I check temperatures, put on creams, I thankfully don't use needles. I get the fun jobs. I also get the kisses and hugs back. This one has its ups and downs. The downs being the gross stuff that gets puked on you, the ups being the smile that finds a way back after that sick week.

I am an artist. Someday I want to devote even more time to this. I do as much as I can now, but it is not near enough. When I see my work being sold in galleries, that will be a dream come true. For now I settle with the happiness I get from creating what I love. Drawing pictures of my children, painting what I love, attending art classes with the greatest art teacher I have found. Honestly there is a great sadness when I haven't found the time for my great love.

This doesn't seem worth mentioning, but primary pianist. I am not the best musician, but I feel I have improved in my calling. It is another thing I juggle, but I really enjoy it. I love hearing the kids sing and I really love spending my Sunday hours playing. Amazingly enough the reason I am no proficient at this is because of the lack of time and the many other things that pull in different directions. It is the excuse I get to be able to play. I never knew this calling would be quite so fun. I love it!

I am a teacher and a student. With homeschooling I love being able to be both. I love learning with my children and finding a million books to catch our interest. I love to read and read to my children. It is a tremendous responsibility to be the educator and mentor of my children, but it is a top priority and I will drop what gets in the way of this if it becomes too much. Emily has shown me so many awesome things about learning how to learn with her and Lindsey also. We have had great field trips, great opportunities and so many new ways of learning things. I am learning every day and I know they are too.

I am a maid. I never get treated like one, but I sure do work like one sometimes. My children and my husband appreciate AND help out. Some days I feel that is all I did was pick up after one mess and then another. Emily is a lot like me and is pretty clean, even at some tender young ages. Lindsey, not so much. Cleaning is actually a strong point of mine. I detest laundry, but I love order and cleanliness. I can't think or function in too much mess and disorder. If it hits a point I must clean it to get myself back on track.

I am a wife and mother. These are the best roles. My favorite of them all. I juggle the relationships with the other tasks, but I never feel I get enough of my kids. Their smiles and hugs, their 'I love you mommies' or the love of my wonderful husband. I never get enough of it. I have the best and most supportive family. Who could ask for anything else? Of the many things that I juggle I handle this one with care, because the time with them is precious and the most valuable.


Maren said...

It really is amazing what all women do. I think I read somewhere that we'd make over 100 thousand if we got paid for everything. But that is a low estimate and my time with my kids is priceless. Love the post!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

You are an amazing woman!

jugglingpaynes said...

I enjoyed catching up on this blog, I had lost it for a while and couldn't find a link from your other blog. Note to self: bookmark. I love how you wrote all the things you do! It's amazing how many hats a mom wears, isn't it?

Peace and Laughter!

Rachel said...

Yea!!! Congrats on your job, your jugglingness and all the fun in your life! You're doing a great job!!!