Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jungle Jim's

I took the girls to Jungle Jim's with my sister-in-law Lori and brother-in-law Arch and their kids. It was actually pretty pricey for a place that I don't think is ever cleaned and hasn't been updated in 10 years. But whatever. The kids loved it and had a blast! Lindsey's favorite ride was the swings and she went on them about 5 times, until it became apparent she was missing nap time and was falling asleep on them. Poor thing. Emily had a blast with her cousins and I didn't get many pictures with her because she disappeared with them going on all the rides a million times. I usually knew where she was, but she was on one ride and moved on to the next before I knew what was what. Here are all the pictures from the day.

Emily and Lindsey on the bumper cars. They kept going in circles and couldn't figure out how to go straight. Lindsey did not want to do it again.

The kids on the train. Emily and her cousin Alex and behind them is Lindsey and Sienna (they are only 2 weeks apart and are such good friends!)

Lindsey hanging out in the small house and the maze part with the slides.

Emily and Lindsey on the swings. Sienna wanted to go on every time she watched Lindsey, but when we tried to put her in them she would get angry and cry. Silly girl! They all had a lot of fun and didn't want to leave.