Saturday, December 6, 2008

Book Collection

I have posted before about my book obsession and I know that there are people who have it worse, but in my tiny space, it sure does effect every day living. And let me say that I am now in desperate need of another large bookshelf. However, I can't do that in the space I am in now.

This is the girl's "bookshelves". Just cheap shelving because I don't want anything unstable falling on my children and can't afford anything sturdier yet. I feel this is really good for them to reach their books. We have such a fun library now the kids love it. Frog and Toad, Amelia Bedelia, American girl books. Emily's book about the body and science.

I have been collecting the books of Beatrice Potter, but sadly my kids are not very excited about those.

We love our section of educational books. Math books about Sir Cumference and the Dragon of PI, Electricity, The Science of Magnets, History of Music, pilgrims, etc. Our fun books like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Click-Clack-Moo, Goodnight Moon, The Big Bad Pig. This is what it looks like after I organized it, it does NOT look like this normally. Instead the books are all over the floor, out in the living room and in both girls beds and many times in my bed.

This is my bookshelf. Sometimes some of the girl's books end up here and some of our homeschool books are on this shelf, the ones I don't want in their room. But most of these are mine. I have not read everything here, that is my goal, but when I keep adding to it, its hard to keep that goal going. As you can see though, I need another book shelf. In fact I need my own personal library. I can't imagine what it would be like to have room enough to have a separate place for learning and reading. What a dream come true, but right now I would just settle for ANY larger space than where we are.


Rachel said...

D.I. is such a great place for kids books. That's where I got the majority of Savanna's.

Kendra said...

I saw this blinkie on & it says, "I have seen the village and I want to raise my own children."

Anyway, it reminds me of you.

I used to buy my kids a lot of books when they were younger & I belonged to a book club. Now we just go to the library.