Thursday, December 4, 2008

Elder Withlin

I loved hearing Elder Wirthlin's talks in General Conference. His last one called Come What May and Love It, was perfect for how I have been feeling. He has a wonderful way with words. I also remember a few conferences ago after he lost his sweet wife, his talk about Sunday Will Come. That so many times our lives are filled with turbulent Fridays and Saturdays, but on the morrow, Sunday will come. I loved his talks of hope and of the Savior and about 5 years ago I got to shake both his and his wife's hand after a General Conference. It was nice to be almost the same height of an apostle too. He will be missed, but I know he is happily reunited with his dear wife.

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Proctor Funk said...

I just found out today that he passed away! He was a sweet man! I loved his talk this last conference! It was sooo good!