Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Forgotten Present

I bought a great gift for the girls for Christmas and completely forgot to wrap it and give it to them. I remembered on Saturday. It is a 2 man tent. I knew with it being winter and us being stuck inside, they would love something to keep them busy. Emily has slept in the tent for the last 3 nights. We feel kind of bad that Lindsey hasn't had a chance, but no one would get any sleep if we did that. Emily has actually slept really well in there. They love it, course I don't know how long we can keep it up, its kind of overcrowding their already crowded room.


Butter said...

What a fun gift!

Rachel said...

That is a really cute tent! I was so sure we'd forget something this year but so far, I haven't stumbled upon anything yet!

Anonymous said...

how cute :) I did the same thing, except I remembered during unwrapping. So, I paused everything so I could go wrap the rest of the presents. I don't know why I'm so absent minded.