Thursday, December 11, 2008

No, I Don't Want to Live in a Crack House

We are waiting for the condo we want and have been waiting for a very.long.time. There was trouble with the agent's company, the one who is trying to sell the property. They went under and didn't tell their employees. Nice. We hear little things like "Well, the other offer is similar". Code wording for "Give us more money PUNKS!" I'm sorry, I don't listen to threats, especially not from banks who won't get back to me on the property. Robert has said that he wants to find the bank located out east, call them up and yell, "Stop, NOT selling me the property!" Apparently, the other offer has pulled out because they were sick of them too. That may be good for us because we can wait forever, as we have proven so far. And the latest news is that "Oh, ooops, we waited so long on this that our appraisal expired. Wait another week." ANOTHER WEEK?! Added onto WHAT, last week?? And the week before?? No one seems to know that we have a deadline of January 1st. But of course it is the holidays and no one cares to do their jobs during this time of year. So while we wait, we decide to see if there is anything worth while on the market right now.

We go out to see 2 houses. I wasn't that excited about them, but okay, we will give it a shot. The second place was actually pretty cute. I did like it, Robert did not. The location wasn't my favorite and the condo we are killing ourselves with waiting on is better in that aspect. The first house? I just couldn't get over it! Now, I don't know for SURE if it was a crack house, but if crack can be judged by a pungently putrid smell, then it would HAVE to be one. The boxes, crap and kitty litter were piled high and I was afraid of the diseases my children would contract by even being IN there.

Our agent tried to be positive and tell us to imagine it not covered in slime, but I couldn't. I had visions of neighbors just like the people living in the squaller house we were traipsing through and I shuddered. Then after stepping over nasty laundry and stepping over a belt of BULLETS (that is NO lie), I was done with that house. I can get over a lot of things, but that one, hummmm... You can live in the nicest area and still have a house like that on the block, but when you realize that most of the houses on the block look JUST like this one, you want to drive really fast and try not to notice the naked lady bumper sticker on the van in the drive way. Or the sticker that says "SKINS" either. Now that we are home and the fear of lice or some unknown airborne illness is gone, I can only laugh and be glad I am not doomed to buy a place that disgusting. Ah, isn't my tiny disorderly apartment just like a palace compared to the crack house? I think so.


Anonymous said...

oh, so sorry. I've seen some pretty bad places, but that just sounds scary. I feel bad for the people that have to try to sell nasty houses. I would be such a bad sales woman. What area are you guys looking at?

Jessica said...

Well, this was in a bad area of Kearns. Honestly, we don't want to live out there and are trying not to, but we figured while we are waiting we should just go see what there is. And right now, there is next to nothing. It's either 'crack house' or the condo we are waiting on. And the condo is SO much better and so is the area, so we will be waiting for the condo.

Rachel said...

Don't move anywhere yucky! It's better to move into a nice apartment than to get a crappy house that *all yours*, ya know? Good luck!!!

The Scherbel Family said...

I'm laughing so hard at the thought of you touring the slime house!