Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Reunion

Every year Robert's family has a Christmas family reunion together. We have Santa come and the kids get presents. It is so cute and fun. The "babies" (Sienna and Lindsey cousins) love to play together, hold hands and hug. Emily and her cousin Kara are also inseparable. We had a good time with the family and hugged and tried not to talk too much about Robert's sister Lori's and Robert's brother's wife Jill's cancer. I was glad to hear from Jill about what they are doing since I haven't even had a chance to see her and feel like a terrible sister in law. We love both of them and pray for them every night, so does Emily.

Lindsey was too scared to sit on Santa's lap and so was Sienna. They just HAVE to be alike.

Emily was so cute and such a ham. It was really sweet. They had a talent show and Emily decided she really wanted to sing in front of everyone. She got up and sang I Am a Child of God and she did SUCH a good job! She was on key and Robert and I were chocked up at how sweet it was. She was so fearless too.

The kids were so excited to see Santa! Emily said she wanted a princess doll with clothes to go with it. We had a great time and afterward we got to see Robert's sister Lisa and Jeff's new house. What a cool house with tons of awesome potential. How exciting for them! It was a very good day with family.

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