Friday, December 26, 2008


On Christmas Eve we read the Christmas story. Here is Robert with the pictures, telling it to the kids.

We sang some Christmas hymns and the girls opened their Christmas pjs.

Then Christmas morning Emily and I didn't want to eat, but Robert and Lindsey said they wouldn't be happy until they had breakfast. So we waited for them to finish and then let the present opening begin!

The girls got a toy kitchen as their big present and they loved it. Lindsey won't stop playing with it. Every second she is "washing hands an face" or "cooking food". They broke the fridge door on it 2 hours after opening it. Nice. It was cheap and flimsy, but small enough to fit in their over crowded room. Maybe next year we will invest in a nice big wooden one. If we have the money and space for it of course. But here is Lindsey loving it!

They both said they loved Christmas and their presents, so it was a success. At night we spent some time with Robert's family and ate a wonderful meal. It was beautiful and ended in a blanket of thick snow and a slow drive home. I never got out to get Emily snow boots, which is very unfortunate because I would love to take her sledding down that hill behind our house. Oh, well hopefully there will be more snow like this before we move from here. Anyway, Merry Christmas!


Jill, Wes, and Andy said...

I am glad you made it home safely. It was a scary ride home for us. We sure had a good time last night. We will have to get the kids together to sled.

Rachel said...

That is such a cute kitchen!!! I bet they love it and their jammies are darling!

Butter said...

I'll bet they love that kitchen! Cute pictures :)