Monday, December 8, 2008

Dress Up

My little girls LOVE to dress up! They have a box with Hawaiian leas, little princess shoes, dresses, scepters, purses, etc. Emily gets up and dresses in some concoction and convinces Lindsey to wear something too. They both come out all cute and frumpy and we love it. I know they would love more dress up, but how much more can I have in my house? Lindsey also loves to pretend cook, makes me feel good about the present that is sitting in Grandma's basement waiting for Christmas day- their play kitchen. Can you tell I am about as excited as they are? Every day Emily asks me if it is Christmas yet.

The girls LOVE each other. There is definitely fighting going on and squabbles to settle. But in general they really are best friends. It seems that Emily was SO happy when someone her size came to join our family. And she has treated Lindsey so well ever since. Now that Lindsey is able to play more, they run around our tiny place chasing each other, jumping on my bed (I HATE that, but in our little place with bad weather, where else will they play?), building block towers, playing picnic, reading books, watching movies. Emily does want some big people time too, but she has a lot of fun playing little games with her sister. I was worried what with having them 3 years apart that they couldn't play, however, that has not been the case with these two.


Rachel said...

OHHH! That is such a cute picture of them all nestled together!!

Jeanette said...

awwww, that's so sweet!