Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Singing Emily

Emily loves to sing. All day long she sings. She has a beautiful voice with wonderful pitch, I don't think I am a bad singer, but she definitely got more of it from her Daddy. He has a great voice and he sings all day too. She tells me that her dream someday is to sing with a microphone in front of a crowd. Which is probably why she loved singing at the family Reunion. She really does sing well. However, there is another side to this sweet tale. As much as we love it, it can get hard on the ears all day long. High singing to songs from Enchanted. We often have to tell her to go a little lower to save our aching heads sometimes. Despite that though, she turns everything in the house into a microphone, so for Christmas she had to get one. And here is a great picture of her using it the best way she knows how.


Butter said...

Awesome! Perfect gift for a little singer.

Rachel said...

AHAHAHAHA, her face!!! She looks like a cartoon or something, that is so funny!

Anonymous said...

How cute. I am tone def, but somehow my kids have good singing voices. My daughter usually sings in the shower, and pretty loud, I just sit in the living room and kind of chuckle. Love it!