Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Lights

On Sunday Robert went to go visit his granddad in the hospital. Granddad is 92 and his heart is beginning to fail. We know his time is short, but no one knows when that time will be. The family has been going to see him to make sure he knows we all love him. Grandma is very sad and we are praying for her comfort during this hard time. It has been a difficult month for family health.

After Robert went to see him he came home to give him some rest, we had dinner and dressed the girls really warm. Full stockings underneath their pants, sweaters, gloves, hats, coats and we headed to our down town to see the Christmas lights by the temple. It was beautiful. Robert said it wouldn't be as cold as I was preparing, but I am always glad when we over dress. It was COLD!
Lindsey walked around with us without being in the stroller. She loved the lights and said "Mommy, qwimus yites". And when we went into the square she said "Mommy, tempo" when she saw the temple in front of us.

We saw the reflection ponds with the lights and the manger scenes and statues. This is a tradition for our family to go. Before Robert and I were married we spent a lot of time by the temple in the cold kissing... I mean looking at the lights. Then each year after that we have gone. We were afraid with all that has gone on this month that we would miss it this year, but tonight was perfect. We love our girls and were very happy to share our tradition once again with them.


Kendra said...

love the pictures. I'm hoping that I'll get down there this year. I was at the temple for a wedding yesterday & I was wondering if I would ever get the fam down with me to look at the lights.

MyPreciousAnna said...

Your girls are just adorable! I love Lindsey's hat, it's so cute! I'm glad you had fun at Temple Square, I hope to have a similar post one of these days!

Rachel said...

CUTE pictures!!! I love the nativity in the reflection pool, so gorgeous! That does look cold, sad I missed going this year. :(

Jill, Wes, and Andy said...

Brr, it looks cold, but what a fun night out. I think we all could use a little fun right now :)

Butter said...

Beautiful pictures!